My entry for the Ava’s Demon Contest~! :D

Their name is Xietra because it’s sort of a misspelling of anxiety in a way, and their “theme” is anxiety/fear/embarrassment (since I have anxiety). The black gap in their stomach armor is supposed to be like the sinking feeling one gets when they’re afraid; the helmet/mask is supposed to be how much anxiety weighs on one’s mind; and the big ears have to do with hearing/acknowledging more (typically insignificant) information than one might want to. Just about everything else is there ‘cause it looks cool. I’m not really good at coming up with deep “spiritual” sounding explanations sorry;;;

As far as powers go, they can create illusions of people’s fears with the smoke magic. It doesn’t actually feel like anything if you make contact with it, but the fear is usually too paralyzing. Personality wise, they’re kind of quiet, but sarcastic when they do speak.

eh hope this makes sense ^^;;